Having trouble balancing work with family life? Worried about breastfeeding? Not quite sure what to do to make your baby fall asleep through the night? Questions ranging from serious issues to as simple as the problem of diaper rash can be overwhelming and sometimes, all you need is a piece of advice or a few words of encouragement.

Whether you’re a first- or a longtime mom, everybody needs a little bit of help when it comes to taking care of their child —no judgments, no mom-shaming. This is why Super Mom Global was built to offer moms a circle of support and a place where they can share their stories and get to know other moms. What makes a “super mom” is not being perfect or being able to do everything, but it’s moms who are true to themselves and are able to ask for help whenever they need it.

The unpredictability of this extremely joyful, yet challenging, time of being amom can bring a lot of worries with it, which is why this community is here to share this wonderful message: You aren’t alone! We are all in this together!

Super Mom is an uplifting online source for expert pregnancy information, baby advice, parenting tips and a community of moms who have come to share, laugh and encourage one another in this wonderful journey of motherhood.

Meet The Founder

Hershey Chan is a business maven and super mom with one very clear goal — to build communities. Having experienced the challenges that come with living in 4 different countries on her own, Hershey knows the value of support and human connection. Her sharp skills in business are coupled with a woman’s touch, empowering her to create brands that are not only highly successful but also meaningful to their audiences. Always forward-looking, this lady continues to make her mark in the world.