Narcissistic Abuse- The Roadblock that’s Keeping You Stuck in Sadness, Frustration, and Misery

Victim of Narcissistic abuse in Asia is increasing. Some narcissists are not violent but only use verbal abuses. Things get worse if a narcissist uses both verbal and violent waves of abuse. It targets the mind, emotions, and the body of its victim. They will inflict physical, mental, and emotional pain. The effects of ... Read More

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Understanding and Coping Up with Postpartum Depression

Giving birth gives moms a mix of emotions. Some may feel ecstatic and over the moon, while others may feel the opposite: gloomy, moody, and out of sorts. But the question is, how can one know if it’s something that goes away after a short while or if it’s Postpartum depression, a serious type ... Read More

Mommy Checklist: What Should You Put in Your Hospital Bag?

Are you all set for the big day? Excited and expectant parents have a lot to prepare before the birth of their child: from stocking up on baby gear, decorating the nursery, to baby-proofing the house. But for first-time moms, don’t forget to do one of the most important things during your trimester: packing ... Read More

Have You Lose Someone So Important in Your Life…and Now Find Yourself on the Verge of Burnout?

When you lose someone, you loved so dearly, when a good relationship ends, healing always takes time. A breakup, a divorce, a betrayal from a partner, the death of someone you valued so much is often the most stressful experience in life. Whatever may be the reason behind losing someone, it can surely turn ... Read More

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