When you lose someone, you loved so dearly, when a good relationship ends, healing always takes time. A breakup, a divorce, a betrayal from a partner, the death of someone you valued so much is often the most stressful experience in life. Whatever may be the reason behind losing someone, it can surely turn your life upside-down. Everything you deal with life is disrupted from that day you lose the person. It triggers all painful emotions, and sometimes, most of you fail to recover from the pain and uncertainties of having faced such a situation.

Going through such a stage of life can be very difficult, but there are things that you can do to get through it. You start to question yourself what could you have done wrong, and it just goes on and on. These questions only made you feel lost, weak, and hopeless.

Perhaps you can be one of those people who just wanted to sit all alone in your room and hope that this person will give you a call and get back to you again. But then you realized, some time has passed, and he or she is still gone. By then, you realized that it’s finally time to let go of the person you once loved.

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How Hard is it Losing Someone and How Does it Affect Your Life?

When you lose someone you love, you deal with the most painful phase in your life. It is the kind of pain that anyone can feel through their body physically. It is the suffering that no one seems to understand. The type of pain no words can suffice how it feels. It is a pain like no other.

  • You tend to cry over sleepless nights as you try to go back to all the memories you once shared.
  •  You will get that first taste of what it’s like being alone when in fact you’re used to having someone beside you all the time.
  •  You tend to listen to your old favorite songs and realized that from that day forward, those songs no longer have meanings for you.
  •   You tend to reminisce your first birthday, first anniversary, first out-of-town trip, and early holiday you two had spent together.
  •  Real suffering began when you realized that he or she is no longer there and is no longer coming back to make you happy again.

How Do You Overcome the Pain and Suffering After Losing Someone?

It takes time for a person to recover from pain after losing someone, who for once, has been part of his or her life. Some people stay depressed, physically, and emotionally shattered, and they don’t realize the best of things that are yet to come.

Despite having felt all these emotions, you have to remind yourself that God gave us the gift of choice. You can choose to be devastated for your entire life and see yourself slowly becoming a mess. On the other hand, you may also choose e to scream your emotion out, cry yourself to sleep, but later on, make sure to choose yourself over that pain.

You have the choice to turn such pain, failure, and disappointment into anything that is of your advantage. At first, you may not know how are you going to start your life again, but you need to decide to win for yourself. Keeping yourself reminded that you’d get through this, is a challenge – and it is a challenge that you should win over yourself. You can cry to death, get crazy after losing that person, you can fake a smile if you can, but at the end of the day, you have to decide to take the first step to win, to move forward, and to let go.

  • Always be at peace with yourself. In this world, no one is responsible for your happiness but you.
  • Learn to accept the things that happened. Keep in mind that losing someone can happen to anyone, regardless of age and status in life. Acceptance is the first step to healing.
  • Don’t blame yourself for what happened. Instead, always keep a positive perspective on the beautiful things that are ahead of you.
  • Do what makes you happy. Keep yourself reminded that whatever you had been through, there is always a rainbow after the rain.
  • And lastly, connect to the one who owns our soul. Once the soul is crushed of pain, there’s no one on earth that could bring it back together again but the one who made it. It might not be as flawless as it was before, but the scars you get of that painful experience is something that makes you more unique and beautiful.
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Discover the Positive Changes in Your Life as You Get Started Moving Forward the Right Way!

It is normal to feel too many conflicting emotions as you try to move forward from pain. No matter how difficult it is to talk about your feelings with others, you will find it as one of the most useful ways to get through yourself from grief and emotional suffering. Knowing that some people had gone through the same situation as yours, you’ll slowly feel painless and eventually be able to heal from it. 

No matter how your life has hit the rough patch, always look forward to the better things ahead and that there’s still a brand-new hope at the dawn of the next morning. As you start to rebuild your life, you’ll learn to take good care of yourself the better way. 

  • You’ll learn to let go of the pain and realized that God made everything happened for a purpose.
  • You’ll learn to spend more time on yourself by getting into activities that you find calming and relaxing.
  • You’ll start to get back to your usual routine where you can feel that sense of normalcy in your life again.
  • You’ll start to explore new interests and pursue activities which will give you a better reason to enjoy your life once more.
  • And lastly, you’ll get to sleep better again without having to worry about your life the next day.

The end of something might mean a brighter beginning for certain things. The more you understand how such a painful situation affected your life, the better you can learn that no matter what the situation is, life goes on and you should keep going!

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Keeping Your Mind, Emotions, and Soul Healthy? Here’s How to Get Started!

It is a truth to be told that keeping a positive state of mind after a divorce, a betrayal, infidelity, and sometimes the death of someone you love, may not seem possible, and it just doesn’t happen overnight. You get to help yourself by creating a positive outlook in life. As you decide to keep your mind, emotions, and soul in a positive state, our community is here to help you! 

The Super Mom Community is a community of moms who have come to share helpful tips, laugh, and encourage one another in this beautiful journey of life and motherhood. Here, you will find encouraging suggestions as to how to move forward in life when having faced a painful situation like divorce and break up. 

We, in the Super Mom Community, unite with you as you move forward from the pain of losing the one you love. Whatever the reason is, grieving from this loss doesn’t mean you have to deal with it alone. The community shares with you better solutions and cope with the hardest situation of your life in the most positive way.