Baby showers are a fun way to get together and celebrate the coming of a new baby. If you’re a busy mom, we’ve gathered some of the most creative baby shower ideas, tips, and themes you can get inspiration from.

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A new baby is coming and there’s no better way to celebrate this occasion than with a baby shower that will surely put a smile on everyone. You’re the designated baby shower planner, and you’re tasked to make the day even more special. An imaginative and creative theme should be in order—which means, plain and boring pink and blue party decorations are out, and more festive ideas are in!

Pastel Wonderland

Think about all the things that make you warm and fuzzy inside: rainbows, cotton candy, fluffy clouds, ice cream, My Little Pony, and mythical creatures like the unicorn. Yes, the unicorn trend is everywhere, but it’s just too cute and lovely to resist, so just embrace it and make it one of the stars of your party.  Welcoming a new baby feels like heaven, so it would be even better to make your preggy friend’s party look like one! It will be an adorably sweet way to celebrate new life, plus, it’s Instagram-worthy, too!

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Garden Baby Shower

If your best-friend is the outdoorsy and hipster type, go for a nice, sunny garden baby shower. Make the guests wear flower or leaf wreath crowns and use succulent plants as table decorations. Think rustic chic aesthetic: wooden tables, white linen, flowers, and greens everywhere. Use natural embellishments to create a casual elegant table setting. Serve fresh juice and a light lunch, and you can even freely play games too since the wide, open space calls for it. Just make sure to always check the weather before picking a date!

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Book-inspired Party

There are so many wonderful children’s books you can choose from if you want to create a magical and enchanting effect for the party. A Harry Potter wizard’s party, an Alice in Wonderland vintage tea party, or a cute Velveteen Rabbit baby shower are great ideas, all you need is a little creativity and imagination to recreate the world that was portrayed in the story. Ask your friend what her favorite children’s books are, and choose from there.

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Star Wars

For the moms who are expecting baby boys, an amazing and geeky Star Wars themed party will be cool, and it’s quite easy to make! Fill the room with humor and laughter with famous lines from the movie and recreate iconic items such as light saber and space-inspired paraphernalia as decoration.

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