Victim of Narcissistic abuse in Asia is increasing. Some narcissists are not violent but only use verbal abuse. Things get worse if a narcissist uses both verbal and violent waves of abuse. It targets the mind, emotions, and the body of its victim. They will inflict physical, mental, and emotional pain. The effects of any narcissistic abuse are far-reaching. It causes anxiety and mental disorders. If the torture goes for so long, victims usually result in suicide.

The Pattern manifested by a person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

  1. Someone who thinks that they are the center of the world – They talk about their achievements, their appearance, accomplishments, or talents.  Their achievements are always better than all others, and they exaggerate about how attractive they are. Their comments are usually extreme and usually not a true reflection of who they are.
  2. Someone who expects constant admiration and affirmation- attention–  They need constant praise from their admirers to elevate and feed their low self-esteem. They feel superior to other people and desire attention all the time.
  3. Someone who has an exaggerated sense of superiority and lack of empathy – They cannot understand the perspective of others, cannot grasp the idea of their struggles and have the disinclination or inability to recognize the feelings and needs of others.
  4. Someone who responds outrage even with the slightest form of criticism– Narcissists are also extremely sensitive to criticism of any kind. Any person or comment that highlights their deepest flaws or insecurities can be met with rage. They don’t believe they’re being insensitive and offer no apology to those who may point out this flaw. If anything, the narcissist will become angry at having their flaw exposed.
  5. Manipulative, and enjoy when they control a person to the fullest -They manipulate people to get what they want. If they don’t get what they want, they throw a tantrum and make your life miserable.
  6. Unhappy when someone else is better than them– A very common symptom of a narcissist is Envy. They envy others for the slightest reason—their low self-esteem and need to have people see them as superior. Narcissists see people who have things that they don’t have as threats. To combat their inner feelings of insecurity because of the perceived risk a person or thing may present, they tend to put it down with insults and acts to cause someone humiliation. They exploit others without the feeling of guilt and shame.
  7. They usually live in a world of fantasy that supports their view of themselves- Since reality doesn’t support their magical thinking, they try to spin-off unlimited illusions of themselves as powerful and attractive individuals. They have the hunger for constant applause as it is the food for their ego. They are obsessed with too much affirmation, and they love to surround themselves with people who are willing to cater to their craving for admiration.

A narcissist can be your family member, the closest friend, and even a life partner. There is an endless possibility as to who they can be in your life. They drain the energy and spirit from their victims, turning them to figurative punching bags.

Being in a relationship or having any link with a narcissist has many challenges. When you are aware of some of the things to expect, you should know how to handle the relationship without losing yourself.

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