Tanya IImedo- Espinueva on Redefining Education and Leadership

  Ms. Tanya IImedo- Espinueva, Director, Jesus the Risen Savior School. With a career spanning for 13 years, Tanya IImedo-Espinueva is a highly-experienced educator who is currently a Director of Jesus the Risen Savior School, a De Lasalle accredited institution in Laguna, Philippines, committed to elevating the quality of education leadership for the kids development.  [...]

Teacher Sassa, The Architect of the Future

  Ms. Alissa S. Mendoza, Teacher, Chatsworth International School Singapore Alissa S. Mendoza currently teaches at Chatsworth International School in Singapore that uses Primary Years Program (PYP) of International Baccalaureate Education. Teacher Sassa a seasoned educator, comes with more than 15 years of teaching experience, is a multi-skilled and talented Filipino national who [...]


Here in SUPERMOM GLOBAL, we believe in more engagements towards our members. We value what you think about a happy mommy community so we want to communicate with our members and give you all the support, help, entertainment (if we could) and throw you guys some giveaways and contests once in a while! THIS IS [...]

To Mum, Mama, Mommy, you’re the BEST!

How do you sum up something so wonderful and extraordinary in 100 words or fewer? I don't think we can. If there is one person in this world that we can describe with unlimited descriptions and so much love and appreciation in mind, it would be our MOTHERS. The source of my happiness, [...]

Beauty Recipes from your Kitchen

Natural beauty starts in the kitchen. Sometimes the basic ingredients that you have in your kitchen cupboards are the best option for your beauty regimes. With so many products sold in the market, as much as we want to get the best of the best, we also have to consider budget and most importantly [...]

10 Fun and Easy Ways to Create Memories with your kids

Cracking our brain on how to keep our kids entertained is not one easy task on a daily basis. Regardless of their age, planning what to do with our kids can be a very tricky business at the best of time and it’s even more challenging during school holidays when the kids are at [...]